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Hotel Federica

How to reach us

Coming from Salerno: Take the “Highway del Sole”, continuing on highway “Due Mari” in the direction of Catanzaro Lido and continuing on the ss106.

Coming from Reggio Calabria:
Take the A3 going toward Salerno exiting at Rosarno continuing at scg Jonio Tirreno, going toward Marina di Gioiosa Jonica continuing on the ss106 going toward Taranto until Riace Marina.

Roccella Jonica (sth) station
Monasterace Marina (sth) station

Lamezia Terme or Reggio Calabria airports

The Jasmin coast

The Jasmin coast is the name that identifies a coastal area of the province of Reggio Calabria washed by the Ionian Sea. The Riviera takes its name from the traditional cultivation of jasmine plant, beautiful and delicate but sturdy vine found throughout the province of Reggio Calabria,especially here, between Stilo and Capo Spartivento. The flowers were collected from women (called gelsominaie) and sold by weight, and exported to France to prepare perfumes.

The Riviera is dominated by hills of different shape. The mountain area is covered by forests in which prevails beech, oak, chestnut, and the typical Mediterranean vegetation. Coming down the hill towards the plain-cultivation are mainly olive groves, vineyards and orchards, citrus groves are in the plain and partly cultivation of bergamot.

Historical and archaeological Attractions

Towns of Historical and Archeological attractions
Numerous sites of archaeological and historical interest are present in our territory date back to Magna Graecia  like  “Scavi  of Kaulon in Monasterace” and “Scavi Epizephiri in Locri” while dating back to the Byzantine era are “Cattedrale di Gerace”, “Cattolica di Stilo” and “Monastero di Santa Barbara in Mammola”

Historical and landscape Attractions

From the picturesque mountains to the enchanting coast
They are certainly rich in history and tradition, the mountain villages such as the Park of Aspromonte with countries how Antonimina, Canolo, Mammola, to reach the beautiful coastline of the seaside resorts most important like Caulonia, Marina di Gioiosa, Roccella Jonica and Siderno.

Cult places – Sanctuaries

Believers and their Pilgrimage
There are plenty of sanctuaries that are worth to be visited including “Santuario della Madonna dello Scoglio” in Placanica, “ Basilica di San Giovanni Therestys, in Bivongi, “Santuario di Montestella” in Pazzano and in the heart of Aspromonte “Santuraio della Madonna di Polsi”.

Event and festivals

Between Folklore and Gastronomy
Of the most attractive manifestations we have “Palio di Ribusa” In Stilo, it takes place in the first week of August, which is the historical commemoration of the delivery of the flag. The protagonists are artists from all over the world who wear traditional costumes. The “Roccella Jazz Festival” which takes place in Roccella Jonica after 15th  August, is one of the most renowned international festivals. Do not miss it “Tarantella Festival” in Caulonia, an ancient village, which takes place every year on the last week of August you can participate in a lively Tarantella with many musicians that involve the audience. Last but not less important are festivals like that of Stockfish, Mushroom, Wild Boar and gastronomic tours where you can enjoy all our typical Calabrian cuisine.

…the best way to understand the world consists in seeing it from as many angles as possible…

The Territory
Interesting places to visit in the Jasmine coast

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